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              In only the first year of enrollment ANA Insurance Brokerage, Inc. as Covered CA Certified agents helped hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses with their health insurance decisions. We assisted them in comparing health insurance plans; explaining benefits and costs and enrolling. Our main goal as Covered CA Certified Agents has been educating our community in the importance of being insured and the new health law (ACA). Some of the companies on Covered CA’s market place are: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, L.A. Care, and Molina Healthcare. While all these insurance companies offer the same levels of coverage, they offer different plan types and provider networks (the doctors and hospitals in your area that accept your insurance). Most insurance companies offer three types of coverage plan products: HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs. The difference is these plan types define what doctors and hospitals you can visit and how you access certain health services.

  • HMOs only cover visits to doctors and hospitals inside the plan’s network. HMOs often require members to get a referral from their primary care doctor to see a specialist.
  • PPOs pay for visits to doctors both inside and outside the plan’s network, but members pay a higher amount of the cost for out-of-network care. Members may not need a referral to see a specialist.
  • EPOs generally do not cover care outside the plan’s network, but members may not need a referral to see an in-network specialist.

It’s important to remember that not all PPOs, HMOs and EPOs are the same. Be sure to ask your ANA Insurance Agent all the details about a plan — like what doctors and hospitals are covered, and what it will cost to see a doctor out of the network — before choosing. With the upcoming changes in the health insurance market, individuals and small businesses need trusted advocates now more than ever.


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