Boat/Watercraft Insurance in California

Getting to ride the waves of a sunny California beach is one of the many perks of living in this great state. Residents of California can take a short drive and reach the Pacific Ocean, but ANA Insurance Brokerage Inc. in Southgate, CA wants to give you peace of mind while you're on the water with boat and watercraft insurance.

Why Do You Need Boating Insurance?

The state of California does not mandate liability coverage for recreational boats and watercraft. If you are docking your boat at a marina, you will likely be required to have liability coverage to pass the application process. When you have a private dock, you will have no legal liability to have coverage.

That said, even if you operate your boat safely and knowledgeably, there is no guarantee that you can avoid an accident. Safe operation significantly reduces your chances of an accident, but that does not account for environmental factors, equipment failure, or other operators.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the average cost of a recreational boating accident in 2020 was nearly $12,000.

What Does Boating Insurance Cover?

Boating and watercraft insurance will vary by the type of watercraft, its condition, intended use, and policy choices. Because of its versatility, it helps to know some of your options ahead of time.

Typical liability coverage will cover damages to the watercraft or to property or people caused by operating the watercraft. It will typically not cover damage that results from typical use or is fixed by maintenance. Like other insurance, you will have a deductible as well as a premium. Common add-ons for marine insurance include towing, operating the boat in international waters, and medical coverage. You may be eligible for discounts based on your record or seasonal usage.

You may have seen options for some boat coverage if you've shopped for homeowners’ insurance. That coverage may apply to smaller boats on smaller waterways, but that will vary by policy and rarely covers beyond that.

Insure before You Sail

ANA Insurance Brokerage Inc. is standing at the ready to get your watercraft insured and wish you a good voyage. Call, email, or stop by the Southgate, CA office to get started.

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