Umbrella Insurance in California

Liability insurance is some of the most valuable insurance that you can get. However, many people don't have enough and don't realize that. You get more of this coverage when you get umbrella insurance for much less than you would pay to get it another way. It's a decision that makes excellent financial sense. If you're interested in getting umbrella insurance in California, call us at ANA Insurance Brokerage Inc. in Southgate, CA to find out more.

Your Home and Auto Coverage

You have some liability coverage in most of your primary insurance types. Both your home and auto policies come with this type of coverage. The problem is that it often gives you relatively little liability protection. When you have liability protection, one of the things that it pays is for the medical bills of a person injured. If the medical bills are high, and many are, you might not have enough coverage to pay for it all. Umbrella insurance policies work with the home and auto policies that you already have in place. It adds more liability coverage to both of these policies to better cover you against expensive medical bills.

How It Works

When an accident happens, your home or auto policy comes in first to pay for the bills. However, once it hits its maximum, it stops paying. If there is anything left over that needs to be paid, your umbrella policy will then come in and pay that amount. Umbrella policies have very high maximums to handle a heavy load of medical bills after an accident. This extra liability coverage is beneficial after serious accidents.

Get Your Umbrella Protection

You could benefit from an umbrella insurance policy if you have a home and an auto policy already in place. To talk to an agent about getting an umbrella policy of your own in California, contact us today at ANA Insurance Brokerage Inc. in Southgate, CA.

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