Technology Tips for Maintaining a Home Inventory

When you’re taking a home inventory for insurance purposes, ANA Insurance Brokerage knows that there’s a lot to keep in mind. These technological tips can help Southgate, CA residents complete their inventory more easily.

Take Pictures of Everything

From receipts to items, snap a picture of anything you value to help you when filing insurance claims. Sort the pictures into folders based on the type and give them recognizable file names to make it easier to search for a particular item. High quality pictures can start to take up a notable amount of space on a computer, so use a compression tool to shrink the pictures’ folder for storage after you’re done.

Use a Task Management App

Task management apps can help you keep on track while taking your home inventory. You can list out the items that you know you need to track, keep a separate list for the items, and mark off tasks as they’re completed.

Store Online and Offline Backups

Like any form of insurance, redundancy brings benefits. Putting your pictures and list on an online storage service makes them accessible from any device. If you’re worried about someone accessing the files, you can add a long, randomized password to a zipped file to make it difficult for prying eyes to get into it.

If the service goes down, you forget your password, or some other circumstance prevents you from getting to the online backup, an offline backup in a zip drive locked in your safe or another secure location is slightly less convenient but still valuable.

Email Your Insurance Agent

When you have questions about the best way to take your inventory, Southgate, CA residents can contact ANA Insurance Brokerage online for fast access to information based on your situation.